In Other News …

H St NE Drivers Still Not Used To Streetcars  [WAMU]  *Moves to H St NE*  *Grabs popcorn*

The Craziest Conspiracy Theories About DC  [DCist] I really like that the last point of the “satanic pentagram” that Pierre L’enfant, alleged Satanist, hid in his design of the District, is a public library.  They should use this as a plot point in the upcoming “Ghostbusters” reboot.

Nightmare On Buchanan Street  [Popville]  Basically, an unpermitted demolition caused damage in adjacent houses, which the city is now asking the owners of said damaged houses to pay for.  My stance against unpermitted demolition would be much stronger if my pal didn’t have a phoneful of hilarious photos from the semi-collapse of that Chinatown strip club (also caused by unpermitted demolition), depicting scantily-clad strippers jumping out of windows.

DC’s Master Plan To Transform Northeast  [Curbed DC]  Pros:  tons of industrial space that could converted into fantastic warehouse lofts.  Cons:  garbage dumps and sewage treatment plants.  I’m not going to lie, I’d  put up with a perpetual odor of hot garbage if it meant I had twenty foot ceilings and two thousand square feet.

Dan Snyder Wants New “Retro” Stadium  [Washington Business Journal]  Not surprising that a guy so intent on living in the past would want a retro stadium.  I’m sure his advisers had to dissuade him from going with an all-out Ancient Rome/Colosseum design.


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