In Other News …


Study:  Suburbs Associated With Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes  [CityLab]  Who would’ve thought that driving everywhere, eating in terrible restaurants, and being so bored that you end up watching hours and hours of television every day would be bad for your health?

Could Rooftop Apartments Transform Suburban Retail?  [Greater Greater Washington]  You like roof access?  Why not live on an actual roof?  I do think this is a brilliant idea, but I’m not sure people will go for it.  Still, I don’t know what says “America” more than a hive of studio apartments above a Hobby Lobby.

Muriel Bowser Will Probably Not Kill Gray’s “Digital DC” Initiative  [Washington Post]  Bowser says she wants to attract a thriving tech/startup sector.  Great, this city definitely needs more annoying overachievers who dress badly.

Bloomingdale Home Sells For 120K Above Ask  [Urban Turf DC]  I like Bloomingdale as much as the next guy, but come on!  I’m going to assume the buyer had inside information that there’s a huge oil deposit on the lot or something.

Saving South Capitol Bridge As A Pedestrian Space  [Rebuilding Place In The Urban Space]  Is it weird that having an abandoned bridge to bike/walk across makes Southeast like five times more appealing?

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