In Other News …


Russian Teens Turn Living Room Into Swimming Pool  [Daily Mail]  It’s August, I don’t have air conditioning, my landlord is selling the house, and I’m not getting my deposit back anyway.  Guess what I’m doing this weekend?

Tenants From Neglected 11th Street Building Confront Landlord  [Short Articles About Long Meetings]  On one hand, I sympathize with their complaints (there’s a huge hole in the side of the building, from a started-but-never-finished renovation), but on the other, if your landlord doesn’t overly care about upkeep, you don’t have to overly care about paying rent in a timely manner.

Here’s Where DC’s Most And Least Expensive Rents Are Found  [Curbed DC]  There are definitely a few surprises here – there’s a neighborhood where the median rent is $6800???   And why is Shaw so much more expensive than, say, Adams Morgan?  I like to think it’s at least partly due to my taking the trash out shirtless twice a week.

Whatever Happened To Skyland?  [Washington Business Journal]  Skyland was a thing that everybody cared about, but at some point it became a thing that nobody cares about.  It’s the Joseph Kony of development projects.

What’s Within A Half-Mile Of Every Metro Station?  [Plan It Metro]  It’s pretty striking how much of DC isn’t metro-accessible;  it sort of kills the whole “Georgetown doesn’t want regular folks taking the train to their enclave” conspiracy theory, unless you think there’s also a secret cadre of Hyattsville aristocrats, working behind the scenes to keep plebs out of their community.





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