In Other News …


Check Out This Retrospective Account Of When The British Burned DC  [Ghosts of DC]  According to the Washington Times, the British general who burned the city to the ground during the War of 1812 was “apologetic in manner” while doing so, which is pretty magnificently smarmy.  “Uh yeah, sorry about this, but oh well!”  *Sets fire to literal and metaphorical seat of a America’s government*

DC Could Ban Tiny Houses  [Urban Turf DC]  The zoning committee is worried about “squatter cities” and “open fires,” which sort of sounds like they think tiny houses will usher in the zombie apocalypse.

The Silver Line Finally Starts Running  [Washington Post]  I remember people in the USA Today offices talking excitedly about the Silver Line way back in 2006, when I worked there.  And I didn’t care then, either.

DC’s Overhauled Tax Lien Auction Brings In Record Lows  [Washington Business Journal]  New rules that prevent tax lien buyers from seizing the properties of people who owe small debts cut auction participation by almost half, or maybe they just posted crucifixes in the lobby.

13-Unit Congress Heights Apartment Building On Sale For Ridiculously Low Price  [Congress Heights On The Rise]  It’s recently renovated, too!  If I had a spare million dollars lying around, I’d totally buy this and then retire.  But I only have a spare five dollars lying around, so instead I’m going to buy two tallboys and a bag of peanuts.





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