And In Other News…


Is It Too Late to Fix DC’s Suburbs?  [The New Republic]  Short answer:  yes.

Wacky Velvet Green Condo Almost Gets Its Ask  [Curbed DC]  It sold for $1.9 million and it looks like a set from “Austin Powers.”  Yeahhhhh, I’d say the market is looking up.

DC Government Now Uses 100% Wind Power for Buildings  [Borderstan]  Incredibly, DC is now one of the greenest cities in the country.  Maybe next they can get deliverymen to stop parking in the bike lanes.

Forest City Mall Slated for Upgrade  [Washington Post]  Plans call for over 300 units to be built on top of the retail area of the mall.  I’m pretty sure “living in a condo above a food court” was one of the circles of Hell in Dante’s “Inferno.”

Washington Post Hires Gensler to Design New Offices  [Washington Business Journal]  Prestigious architectural firm to design sleek ultramodern mausoleum, er, headquarters for local dinosaur, er, newspaper.

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