And in Other News…

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Lists Bethesda Home  [Curbed]  The guy who made bitter, barely drinkable lemonade out of Bernanke and Dubya’s lemons is gettin’ out of town.  WHAT DOES HE KNOW ABOUT THE MARKET THAT WE DON’T?!

Today’s Most Popular Home Plans [Washington Post]  These are the home plans buyers today demand, because they read an article in the Washington Post that told them to do so.

Experts Predict Rising Home Prices  [Bloomberg]  In other news, dog bites man, politician lies, and Lindsay Lohan goes to rehab again.

Alexandria Approves New Waterfront Plan [WAMU]  According to the new zoning, the waterfront figures to do like my sister’s last four consecutive boyfriends, and get denser.  (Way denser.)

Homebuilder Confidence Stalls [Washington Business Journal]  Uh oh!  Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, homebuilders.  You just need to  get your hair did, buy some new shoes, and have a fling with that guy in your office, and you’ll be back to your old fabulous homebuildin’ selves in no time!

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