Sundays with Strangers


I see a lot of places that are nice, but not very many at all that are cool.  Like, most of the open houses I go to, I could buy that place and have my parents visit with no worries whatsoever, but if my ex from New York came to visit, I’d make up some elaborate cover story to try and minimize my place’s dullness.  (“It may look like an apartment, but it’s actually an art installation that’s an ironic commentary on the banality of modern life!”)  But this place is legitimately cool, inside and out.  Move in here and get yourself some big glasses, and in no time your friends will be talking behind your back about your “crisis.”  (They’re just jealous.)

From the multicolored paneled building facade to the sleek, minimalist kitchen cabinetry to the track lighting (if everyone’s doing recessed lighting, do the opposite, is the logic I guess, and I have to admit, it struck my eye as incredibly fresh and appealing), this Columbia Heights penthouse is a masterpiece of design, and one of the most cutting-edge living spaces you’ll find in the District, short of squatting in the Apple store.  The living room is a double-height loft-y space that gets a ton of natural light, courtesy of a wall of double-height windows, and the kitchen, with its flat, dark cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, looked like the command center of a “Star Trek” spacecraft.  Upstairs, the master bedroom is spacious and bright, and opens onto a private deck, from which you juuuuuuust see the Washington Monument, a claim that not very many other people in DC can make, if by “not very many” you mean “probably like 85% of the population.”  Glad we settled that.

Out back you have parking, a must in a neighborhood of narrow, winding one-way streets.  If I lived here and didn’t have private parking, I’d basically have to lease a crane to just lower my car into a space every night.  You’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of living in Columbia Heights, which I’d dub the greatest neighborhood in DC, if I wasn’t mad that I can’t afford to live there.

1466 Harvard Street NW, PH1
2 Bedrooms, 3 Baths

1466E1466D 1466C 1466B

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