Sundays with Strangers


This majestic U Street row home features four full levels of luxurious living space.  That’s a whole lot of house.  If you this house was a person, and you had the window seat on a plane, and they came walking down the aisle and checked their ticket and sat down in the aisle seat next to you, you’d be like, “well, crap.”  It’s just a massive, massive house.

In a good way, though!  There are soaring high ceilings, a fantastic grand staircase, and more fireplaces than, um … a fireplace showroom?  And everywhere you look, from the floors to the door frames, there’s fantastic, perfectly-aged woodwork, burnished to that rich shine that you just can’t buy, that can only be cultivated through the slow accumulation of decades of foot sweat, hand grease, and various respiratory byproducts.  Hmm, when you think about it, old hardwood is sort of disgusting – it’s the waist-length dreadlocks of the real estate world.  Best to just not think about it then.  Moving on!

The formal dining room is large enough to handle some large-scale entertaining – invite all your friends!  yes, both of them! – and the very comfortable kitchen (sort of nice to see a cubical kitchen as opposed to an oblong one) sports fine marble countertops and stainless steel appliances.  Upstairs are bedrooms, bedrooms, and more bedrooms, (possible title for a Lindsay Lohan memoir?), climaxing (don’t say it – you’re better than that!) with a palatial master bedroom, complete with bay window and more top-notch woodwork.  The lower level is an in-law suite par excellence, a one-bedroom living space that features a full bath, a fine kitchen, and a separate living room area.  It really is far nicer than your in-laws probably deserve, so make sure you set off a stink bomb down there the day before they arrive for their annual visit.  There’s parking in back, so you can escape from the Darwinian musical chairs of street parking, and of course, you get access to all the cultural riches of the U Street corridor.  True story; the other week I was on U Street to meet a friend at one of those wine-and-painting places, but I’d misread the address, and ended up confusedly walking into a sex shop instead.  How can you not love a neighborhood where that’s possible?

1723 U Street NW
5 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths

1723F1723E 1723D 1723C 1723B

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